Message from the Editor

Dear One and All,

The world, day by day, is pacing ahead towards the newer heights of intellectualism, wisdom, innovation and access to techniques and methods irrespective of field or discipline. Education and Social Sciences have also widened its scope and range. The Signage, an International Bi-Annual Bi-Lingual (English-Hindi) Refereed Research Journal of Education and Social Sciences, is thus, an effort in a print journal form to explore the pervasive fields of education and social sciences. I welcome you on its web-world with all my due reverence. For a purposeful and intensive quest like research, direction means a lot. The Signage is named so to provide right direction in its respective sphere. The Journal is dedicated to justify the name and to become as a way finder for all the academicians, scholars and researchers who are engaged in the related studies.

The foremost aim of publishing this journal is to foster the research activities. It would also provide a noble platform to the academicians, scholars and researchers in the field of education and social sciences. It aims to be a valuable source of new knowledge along with the knowledge verification and analysis on the respective spheres of exploration.

This effort is definitely for the encouragement of all knowledge seekers and searchers. All the advisory-board members of The Signage are the sign of success in their fields. They are the milestones. Scholarly guidance of these eminent personalities remains natural motivating factor. The Board of Referees executes the tedious work of analysis of the articles/papers before publication in the journal. We receive writings from many sides of the world, and after the scholarly scanning of the referees; the final selection of incorporation is done. We welcome noble thoughts from every side and this is reflected through the part of the Yajurvedic sukta (hymn) adopted as the nomenclature of the journal-logo. The associate editor of the journal, a multi-lingual poet and editor is always with this project and has enlightened the path of its existence.