Editorial Jan 2019

Character education is an integral need of all human beings, irrespective of the religion, caste, class, creed, language, gender etc. It is the programme with prime importance and focus for all the countries. In practice, character of a person is the combination of both, formal and informal form of education. In ancient India as in Vedic period, the Gurukul system of education was the main center of education. Character formation was the basic aim of education.

In the independent India there were constitutional provisions facilitating moral education. In Buddhist and Medieval period also the supremacy of religion in education made the character education as indispensable part of education. The history of character education in India was better than of today’s. At present, a subject of moral/value education is introduced at school levels and merely some programmes are there for some occasional activities regarding this.

Furthermore, formal education is now a complete developmental zone and RTE has already covering all the children till std. VIII and National Educational Policy-2020 has declared for the hundred percent enrollment in school education till 2030. Now, all the children are in the classroom for around six hours daily and if nation’s educational system is helpless to teach for character at this major place, where they have to spent most of their time of development, then how can we expect that with these future citizens, our society would have the values and we would not suffer on character crisis. Hence, classroom teaching must be accountable for the character education with another subjects’ knowledge. If teaching is the planned procedure for classroom transaction, then the character education must be planned simultaneously.

We can imagine the world where teachers are making the difference due to teaching of values with many such teaching strategies that can make our society progressive and comfortable to live on humanitarian ground. Goal of character development will be certainly attainable when all teachers, of all the classes and of all the subjects will be practicing value teaching at a time with the content teaching.