Editorial of The Recent Issue

Research and innovation are the prerequisites to the start-ups symbolising indigenous growth and development. Although various start-ups were evolved from pre-independence till today; initiatives of present Indian government to set up and support a venture ecosystem of start-ups were remarkable and appreciated. It was a flagship strategy and launched as a start-ups supporting measure in India. Undoubtedly a dream to boom Indian economy can be realised through the success of numerous start-ups. But as reported 90% of these start-ups are failed within five year of inception and many start-up shutdowns took place. Various reasons can be assigned to these failures but experts view this as a failure of research and innovation in India.

The level of research is not up to mark and opportunities for innovation are very few. The processing and mechanism of the failed start-ups is reported as taken from other sources without studying any ground level data and also there were incomplete processes and techniques. This is the because of not recognising education and research as the first priority of the nation.

Meanwhile a number of academicians of India are capable enough to carry out, even indulged in genuine research in various fields. Still there are many barriers and among them one is mental set up to follow the studies and not appreciating the studies to solve new research problems. Another one is not considering the demands to appoint number of required qualified experts and also not recruiting on the basis of novel research and innovations that are required to guide and supervise the minds that are emerging in India for next generations. The low fund allocations and delimiting to the known sectors, institution and most of time to the persons of defined criteria is just a traditional approach. Start-ups are myth without ground level support to research to all capabilities and disclosing the boundaries of government sectors or regular faculties. We need more and more explorations even at PG level courses where dissertation must be mandatory in all disciplines with the proper monitoring system to promote novel work. Further, weightage should be given for PG level dissertations by including them as academic professional indicators of experts to cover a broad area of research in all disciplines.

This particular issue includes the papers from various areas of social science. Research papers along with thematic ones are included to support the scholarly work. Very first paper deals with citizenship and its characteristics in reference to democratic countries. Development of technical education is the paper discussing ups and downs of technical education in India. Dealing with women’s position the paper discusses the novel aspects of this concept. Research paper is with real data and then management issues in higher secondary schools with special reference to Bihar are also priority areas in educational research. Rabindranath Tagore philosophy based paper and other paper on Shrimad Bhagwad Gita comparing with the moral philosophy of Emanuel Kant. Paper on political consciousness of tribes and paper from historical research on Mughal period are indexed in this issue.