A good name will shine forever.

Character education is a necessity in human life to lead a meaningful and manly life. It also caters ways to be good in society. Right from the days of initial intellect and understanding, each one of us is attached to the related themes of character, namely, training in the family to be moral, ethics in religion, values taught by the teachers, learning the legalities and following social, cultural or constitutional norms. The character may be good or bad and in that sense character is a neutral term. While talking about character education it seems to be concentrated on something positive and good only. Philosophers of different schools explained the term, as per their doctrine. Authoritarian, democratic or other forms of government may apply their doctrine on the programmes of character education. Ethics in religion sounds such that it is only to be followed and nothing to be questioned. This sort of belief creates confusion if character education is the part of religious dogmas or indoctrination and nothing is there to make it liberal, positive, objective and scientific. Although the explanations and the process of implementation are many, yet all time favorite and eternal values are more or less same for all.

Morality for preschool children may be to satisfy their parents and for school going children of concrete operational stage may be to satisfy their teachers through the so called ’morally right acts’. It is obvious that presuppositions play a major role in character education when we look forward for the confirmation of our good acts to the elders and experienced ones. In this case established beliefs are the valid lines to which everyone should follow. Some of them are honesty, truthfulness, kindness, generosity, respect and so forth. None of us bothers about the validity of honesty. We just get ready to be honest, to be kind, to be generous, not to tell a lie, to be disciplined and to make other building blocks of character set by others. Character education, thus seems to be subjective and idealistic. This is indoctrination of character education at the early stage of life.

At a certain period of time we confront with the other values like secularism, freedom, democracy, equality, fraternity and the other issues related to human right. So at progressive developmental stages, character education expands its scope. The character crisis we are having now is based on the reality that we have lost the straight lines needed to form healthy habits that become our foundational character. Thus, the character is both formed and revealed by how one deals with everyday situations as well as extraordinary pressures and temptations. It can evidently be said that character building is like a well-made tower; built in successive stages.

As children grow in character, they grow in their capacity and commitment to do their best work, do the right thing and lead lives of purpose. Character education done early and well, puts students toward successful life outcomes. Character-building process needs a new boost to let the children realize its importance at youth and for that let us all come forward and realize our responsibility at first and act accordingly to lead our planet to heights of greatness.

With Best Wishes