Educational policy and system ought to look to contribute towards nation building by creating responsible citizens who would focus not only on scientific and infrastructural growth but also imbibe civic and moral values. It should create a sense in heart and mind to pledge to become better citizens. Inculcation of moral and civic values would result in nation building through responsible citizens. The citizens are meant to stay away from bad habits, being safe and ensuring others’ safety, imbibe honesty and good manners and have no gender bias.

It is a bewildering fact that we do not have education system rather we only have an examination system and that too is not right. The current education system, to call, has forced our children or say students lose their childhood, their worry free days, their unconditional joys and mirth. The kaleidoscopic beauty of the past, the bright colours, the unadulterated desires have all bid farewell from their life. This is all because of estimating the children’s potential by marks, not by their efforts. Today, people are getting more analytical and logical which tend all to forget the unreasoned delights of childhood. Growing up does not mean to be rational at all aspects. Logic and analysis should open the door to the appreciation of beauty, appreciation for the complex but exquisite pattern in which the universe works.

In fact logic, objectivity and growing up do not overshadow the innocent childhood but they fastidiously accentuate its worth. It enhances its power and purely makes us realize the unattained thrill that childhood is so full of. It is unfortunate that, people think that it is time to move out from the cloud nine and hit the hard ground of reality where childhood never stands a chance. The note of misunderstanding is that some people do not have the idea that one does not have to let go of the child inside them in order to simply grow up. The child inside can always be alive and be awakened every time. It is a matter of perception to enjoy the first rain drops of the year or to chase a cheery little butterfly. There is a need to create such academic atmosphere in which a child when grown up will find ‘the child’ in him/her resurfacing every time to find the secret happiness. So, it should reach to all that childhood is never lost, what it needs is a perfect epiphany to make one realize about its presence always.

One day I got a chance to act like a Robot and I enjoyed. For a few days it was again interesting. Then time came I transformed completely to the robot forever and lost myself.

It is a matter of pleasure that we are one of the fastest growing economies of the world. We believe to be either best or as one of the best. There is a fact of post-modern era that relativism is the underlying notion and absolutism has no more roles to play. Then where is ‘the best’. Post-modern era is mostly dominated by globalization and following the norms of globalization we believe that we will be the best. What a ridiculous panorama we have created. All of us are struggling to achieve something and we think that it is only the goal of the millennium. It is contradictory that the theorists of those goal-makers of postmodernism never asserted that anything one achieves will remain valuable forever but they concluded many times that it will be relatively valuable and may be valueless on some other occasions. Then why the governments are putting the goals all the time and in contrary they are following the principles of globalization and postmodernists?

It is not the matter of big governments only but it has also set some basic criteria for a global and capable individual. The transformation from prior to recent is much more evident. For example, the villagers previously lived in peace and satisfaction with native but original seeds. Now they are trying to get variety of those but loosing huge amount of money with no or less originality. Then the transformation takes place from ‘peaceful need fulfillment’ to ‘competitive unsatisfied drives’. The latter one is relative and unending global phenomenon of a common man. To satisfy the drives, all of us are running at our maximum speed and finally we would not achieve anything which will end this race but still the race will be going on and on and on…

All of us have some plan to become pseudo- ‘the best’. For that now a days we are more self-centred. We are keeping less regards for others. Manual work has lessened and digital work has increased. The role of teachers is getting less and technology is encroaching to replace teachers. The governance in real sense is less and media coverage is more. Man is getting inclined towards materialistic gain and helping attitude is getting restricted to books. Can these be taken as good parameters of development?

Coming to the academic world, it can be said that teachers are being replaced by computers. Will this technology based learning make our children human? They will become a machine. The computer may be the helping guide but can’t be treated as the best substitute. In terms of latest developments, the online courses will be adopted for all higher classes and it will dominate over the years on the regular courses. There will be no expressions of teachers in learning. All the theory of motivation will shift to the computer-programmed learning techniques. No more teaching learning non verbal activities of teachers will be incorporated for the better outcome. This is how we think due to the effect of globalization. Either higher or lower, the education always concerns about the role of teacher believing that the teacher is a human being and not a machine. Further if there is an attempt to transform the virtue of higher education by saluting the machines as equivalent as the experienced professors, then it will be the worst development.

Thus, we should try to make the world easy, simple and peaceful but we are still struggling to find the simplicity of past. Exposure to technology is the need of the hour but it does not mean that it would mob all and generations would get disturbed in monster-like clasp of technology where thoughtfulness would find no place in mind and days would turn complex over time.