If we are capable to perceive the future world, it is quite obvious that the today’s comprehensive view of our children is the benchmark. Caring a better future needs to prepare them with some special plans. Character education is the need of the hour and should play a major role in that plan. We are encountering a number of discomforts due to lack of character in our present scenario. There are some of the issues like, the confused notion of child rights in many countries, unethical practices regarding division of rights between advantaged child and deprived child, lack of responsibilities towards fulfillment of child rights, demanding for the rights all the time for material gains but ignoring the responsibilities also violating the rights of the children and among others one of them is; believing that belief system is natural and not learned. We are so careless and unethical that violation of the right of children is the common practice. Now, how we fill the gap through character education to make the children as children, but not the advantaged or deprived? Is it possible that character education can eradicate the hereditary and retrogressive remarks from the present system? Can children be the changing agents in the perception towards the role of moral standing in fulfillment of rights? We need to find out the answer of these questions and try to canvas the big picture of unethical narrow perception towards child rights. Beyond this, we should go through the holistic view of child rights with ethical obligations, which should be delineated as the product of character education means that comes under category of learned behaviour. Social approval of the common threats to child rights; like, materialism, barbarism for short gains, parental and social pressure, cultural pressure groups, repressive discipline, etc.; is needed. Thus, many philosophers and ethical thinkers entail regarding character education for culminating these threats. This is mandatory to encounter the challenges of the whole world to achieve developmental goals.

In 21st century, we should also control over media as not to propagate confusions. Media in general, goes through discussion and presents both negative and positive views. But, there are some issues where we should say something with conviction and children rights is one of that. Earlier it was easier and simpler life than today and because of that we were able to resolve the issues through discussion in the social system. Now, if we have a problem with something, somebody says that is right for them. So, be clear what is wrong and what righteous act is. We should remove the confusion. Character education passes through all these challenges where relativists deny taking that character can be learned. Now, imagine what does it mean? It means that there is nothing to educate and change immoral and unethical behaviors to desirable ones. Is it acceptable? No, it is not. Please come forward, do whatever you can and put all the efforts because you can change the lives. You have the capability to build the future where all will be sensible to child rights and children itself would be the virtuous citizens of the world.