A very little gain, at times mesmerizes self, if it comes without hurting and ends with sharing. On the other hand, winning over in a war may end with prolonged twinge for a number of people of a country due to sadomasochism. The cause attached herewith for pleasure, may not gratify all. In practice also, a very few thinks over in this way. However, the fact remains unchanged and it approves the human behavior of share and share alike. Looking through the expectations from others we may fill disintegrations but shifting the goal post and preparing self for others expectations definitely leads to integrity. At present, we may fill the discomforts. Opposite of the idealistic views expressed above, countries, like America, Australia and New Zealand; all known for their democratic livings and principles, plan to tighten the visa for the other countries’ professionals. No doubt, it is in the name of strong nationalism. Is it helpful to get the benefit they desire for? If it is so, why the movements were there to be globalised? And those were too, from the western world. Then, are the economical and developmental views and perspectives are liable to be changed time to time? Or asking it in a straight way that are they confused how to get benefit or yet they are in searching mode that what the sustainable pleasure is? What is that, which needs not to be changed. What should be the ultimate principle of lives or society or countries? Is there something to rely upon ever and for all? Or is it our destiny to be pleased by scratching one thing or another or discontinuing the things for so called ‘others’, from here and there?

Why are we going too far, now look at micro levels. India is known for a grand heritage of caring, serving and sharing. We are proud of our virtues and values. Many times we condemn west for their pragmatist and materialistic approach. But instances are quite evident that we are in a race and quite hurry to be much smarter in the age of globalization. We are learning day by day a new idea to make benefit. It is unbelievable but true that we are making plastic rice and plastic egg to get more profit. We have only one objective to make money for self and no matter how it comes. To put others’ lives in danger is not a big issue, but my life should be secured with more money in hand.

Now, on the ground of degradations and threats to life, we are going to put our developmental plan. Not only we, the world are becoming self centered and some of us are in complaining mode. Now, think about what can we do? At least, we must try to sustain the situation for the next generation or one step ahead; we should try for a better tomorrow. The welfare of any country can be recognized through the goodness of their countrymen. The name, infrastructure, big economy and developmental policies of any state or organization are not enough for the lives to be happy. We need a relaxed and conflicts free life, coordinating with and facilitating lives of others, when we think ourselves as a part of larger society than what we observe for our materialistic gains.

Let us put that ‘generosity for others’ at the upbringing of next generation, either, adolescents, school going or preschoolers. All should know the value of caring, serving and sharing. It may be up to parents, may be on teachers and it may be the result of their combined effort. Please don’t miss any opportunity of behavior modification at their developmental stages and keep that quite natural. Through this process of habit formation, hopefully, the future world will be for each and everyone, but not for some and to thrust and crush the rest. Finally, one difficulty we may face ever is, how a plastic egg seller could make their children learn about these habits. It’s really a challenge for them!!!!