Preceding issue to this one was a special issue on Education policy and academic guild of The Signage is really thankful to the special issue editor Prof. Aejaz Masih, Department of Educational Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi for his kind support throughout and originative embodiment for the particular issue. The next special issue is proposed on Pedagogy. The exact theme will be displayed on the website very soon.

Research in academia, as we know is a systematic, purposeful, logical, substantiated and carefully designed effort to find a solution of the problem following a scientific method of enquiry. In this higher order process the involvement of a novice is also quite natural. It is the responsibility of experts of the various fields to train and prepare the beginners how to undertake and carry on a research activity. This training is no doubt going on all around this world. A large number of ethical practitioners of research are there, having the innovative, effective, directive and original outcomes. Many of these efforts have been counted and that has made us to grow and develop. Luckily, this journey is still going on, although there are so many threats, barriers, issues and concerns.

Unethical practices should be discussed as well, not to underestimate the honest and legitimate research works but to improve removing redundancies, detractive efforts and deadwoods. The first and foremost aim of research is to think novel, original, logical and innovative with problem solving approach. It is not for following someone and accomplishing the degree. This approach is even detrimental to the developmental flow. It is true to some extent that unknown knowledge comes through known knowledge and advancement in knowledge is systematic when known knowledge leads to unknown one, thus providing a direction. ‘Knowledge does not exist in isolation’ is the core issue to train the novice in the field of research. Sometimes this approach misleads many of them. If carelessly handled, it may be a hurdle to think out of box. It may prevent the world to have another great Albert Einstein. He had put the physics many years ahead of that time without following anyone rather thinking beyond all the existing theories. Research is more ethical when it is being practiced for novelty and originality following substantial steps. It is mishandling if any expert does not encourage searching some new relationships rather enforcing to study the known relationships by changing variables just form here to there time and again. Some of them are by choice following the previous researches with meaningless and useless manipulations. How these researches can be put under the category to solve the problems? Very harsh to say, but fact is that higher education is suffering with such deadwoods and followers; commonly known as researchers but rarely interested in advancement of knowledge.

Another issue is supportive environment for a quality research. Many research questionnaires are not returned back to the researchers. Many mails remain unanswered. Sometimes concerning officers; even a good orator of quality education and research on various platforms unnecessarily demands for too much paper works to study on a school or concerned area of research. For example, reports are there that some DEOs (District Education Officers) objects the researchers to carry out their research in the name of disturbances in education although the school’s performances are lowering down day by day due to their mishandling and other factors, some other asks for personal recommendations of someone. These barriers are common and usual practice to underestimate even quality researches and researchers. Government runs for progress and demands for innovations in R & Ds (Research and developments), but many officials doesn’t know even what is a quality research work and how it could be encouraged and supported?

Third one is to identify and implement the quality research work at the government level. To encourage and for the supportive environment it is essential to motivate legitimate works. Further, this may lead to development in each and every field. Quality researches are also there in every sector and in every discipline. There is a need to select, use and apply at proper time and place for desirable results. Generalizing that all researches are worthless is not good but extracting useful to grow and develop will be a masterly move.

Fourth issue is favoritism by the experts or authorities. It is spread-over at different levels and almost in all sectors. Whether it is selecting, assigning projects, financial assistance or facilitating on researches; usually experts or selecting bodies ignore quality work rather affiliations matter. That’s why many quality works are facing challenges and financial crisis while poor or ill-made projects and researches with useless outcomes are getting financial assistance because the experts had chosen them, following norms and regulations(?).