Here we launch a research journal dedicated to the study of Education & Social Sciences. The effort is honestly to create a platform for the academicians, researchers and intellectuals who would manifest their findings, ideas & views for better tomorrow and formation of an ideal society. The journal would be in the form of way finder in the respective field of education & social sciences; thus the name - The Signage.

We are so fortunate that we belong to the era of knowledge advancement. Now the changes are not in the hand of natural forces only but we are capable to initiate, direct and sustain many of the changes occurring. As changes are ultimate truth and the key element of development so we are subject to those changes. In earlier days we were mere viewers but now we are progressively informed, knowledgeable, intellectual, manipulators and masters. The mastery needs to be shown, identified, discussed, practiced and critically evaluated for the interest of mankind. Hence, the publication of a journal is purposeful activity. Through a journal we can set some long term goals and short term objectives. By the virtue of attaining goals and objectives, we can cause the flow of the river of knowledge advancement with a novelty towards the ocean of academic world. Our effort is to be a part of the flow through the publication of this journal.

The goals we find to be achieved are to make the change for all-round development of mankind, to recognize and eradicate deprivation, to ensure knowledge and developmental sustainability, to develop a global partnership for development, to remove social ills like gender inequality, to improve women empowerment etc. The objectives are to display all types of studies related to Education and Society & the critical reviews, to provide an biased opportunity to all for their publication of original research works, to make academicians to aware of the diversified quest and outcome of knowledge, to appreciate and motivate the researchers, to accelerate the works on related areas around the globe. No doubt these objectives are to be attained through careful publications and thus the goals will come near and nearer.

This is the first issue of this International Bi-annual Bi-lingual Refereed Research Journal of Education and Social Sciences. In this issue we've various useful, quantitative as well as qualitative studies. The issue contains the study about the Jordanian learners' anxiety for English as a foreign language in the article 'The Degree of Jordanian Learners' Foreign Language Anxiety'. The article 'A brief review of the philosophy of Teacher, Teaching and Learning' analyses the pros and cons of Education. 'Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Jordanian Education' emphasizes on the need and importance of ICT in Jordanian Education. There is an article titled as 'Working Environment of Teachers in Engineering Colleges at Bijnor' in which teacher's satisfaction has been liked with workplace condition. 'Attitude of elementary Teachers Towards in-service Training Programme (organized by SSA)' provides an idea about the attitude of school teachers on training programmes. The article 'Degree of Burnout among Teachers Working on Contractual Bases' deals with the different levels of bournout in several aspects. The empowerment of women can be recognized in mathematics also and that has been proved through the article 'Contributions of Women in Mathematics'. 'Geographical Understanding of Elementary Level Blind Children' studies about the level of understanding of geographical concepts among blind boys and girls. 'An Experiment on Effect of Musk Melon Seed Recipes on Malnourished Preschoolers' deals with the impact of Musk Melon Seed on malnourished preschoolers. 'Digital Gender Divide: Educational and Occupationls corollaries' studies the gender discriminaton and also suggests some remedies. 'Working with the Community: A Rich and hans on experience among the prospective Teachers' is an article reflecting the importance of various community programmes on prospective teachers.

Along with these studies some articles in Hindi are also included which make the journal bi-lingual as language should be the means and not the end. Among them ^,d egku f'k{kk'kkL=h ,oa ;qxnz"Vk % enueksgu ekyoh;* discusses the philosophy of 'Mahamana' about education and his vision. Ekkuokf/kdkj dh vo/kkj.kk o fodkl % ,sfrgkfld vk/kkj studies the historical evidences of the conceptual development of Human Rights. The article vuq:i.k@[ksy ds ek/;e ls lkekftd&v/;;u f'k{k.k studies the teaching of social science through different ways other than the formal classroom type. There are other articles as well dealing with the various aspects of education and social sciences.

Thus the journal is full of innovative ideas and discussions ranging different fields of education and social science. Hopefully it will make some contribution to the world of ongoing researches and explorations.

With Best Wishes